LuckyToU Big Data Era

If your website has millions of active users, if you have hundreds of products and services on the site, if these services are in the form of multimedia terminals run on multiple networks, or if you are going to try to cloud computing and WEB2.0 architecture, then congratulations to you, because you have unwittingly become the pioneer of big data era.

Big data brings both opportunities and challenges to the network industry. From potential opportunities, the increased amount of data for Internet companies to provide accurate grasp of user groups and individual behavior patterns on the basis of the network, if we can take advantage of, we can explore the personal, personalized, accurate and intelligent manner advertising push and services, extension services, the creation of cost-effective or even several hundred times the new business model than existing forms of advertising and product promotion. Meanwhile, the network companies can also take on big data, looking for more and better increase user stickiness, develop new products and services, reduce operating costs ways and means.